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2019-03-03 - Adaptation of remote hands / AE services  
Since 1999, we have kept our services at a consistently high level for you and ensured price stability in this regard. However, due to the continuing increase in operating costs, we are therefore accommodating 15.03.2019 our prices for remote hands / AE on market conditions. Therefore, we will from 15.03.2019 in the future per work unit 37,50 EUR net (44,63 EUR incl. tax.). Outside normal business hours, twice the price applies.

2019-02-03 - Installer updated - now supporting Debian 9 (stretch) and Ubuntu 18.04. LTS  
the auto installer has been updated to support debian 9 stretch and ubuntu 18.04 LTS

2017-10-17 - Phonenumber is beeing ported, temporary not available via phone  
Because of ongoing phone number porting, or office is currently reachable via email only. If you need to contact us, please use

2017-03-11 22:23:00 - Report from Cluster-Upgrades between 01.03.2017 and 11.03.2017 completed successfully  
Report from Cluster-Upgrades between 01.03.2017 and 11.03.2017 completed successfully

we have successfully upgraded our complete cluster infrastructure. The upgrade included full upgrade of all nodes from Debian 7 Wheezy to Debian 8 Jessie. We also did move to Linux Kernel 4.4 to improve network troughput. All services have been migrated to systemd, and the cluster stack has also been upgraded to corosync2.

We upgraded to qemu 2.6.2 and libvirt 2.4 to provide more features like snapshotting in the future.

The upgrade took 11 days to complete.

25.01.2016 - better usability and more functions  
We have heavily reworked our backend and frontend to give some new features to you:

- kvm online resize

You can resize a server via the webinterface. HDD upgrade is possible in realtime! CPU and Memory upgrades require a restart.

- option to reset vnc password was implemented in the bootmenu

- set own label for a server

- dumped external chatsoftware, created own livechat with

- added option to easily create a new server

- added single sign on with google or facebook servers in our datacenter

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